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hi, I’m Khalil Ganiga

Welcome to my blog - Thoughts from a wandering mind. I have created this site to share my thoughts and experiences.
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Latest Stories

How to register a servlet on all pages in AEM

Learn how to register/invoke a servlet on all pages of AEM.

Watch cartoons and animations online for free in HD.

This article discusses the greatest website to view all cartoons and animations for free in HD online. Also mentiones about a java utility to download the episodes to local computer.

Oh my for loop

Learn how to write a optimized version of for loop.

AEM Quicklink Navigator - chromium based browser extension

An useful web browser extension for AEM developers for easy navigation.

How to run offline compaction in AEM on Windows

Learn how to perform offline compaction in aem to reduce the repository size on windows machine.

How to get the Windows 10 context menu in Windows 11

Learn howto bring back the classic right-click context menu with all the options on Windows 11 by editing this key in the Registry.

How to resolve PKIX path building failed/unable to find valid certification path to requested target issue

Learn how to resolve PKIX path building issues during java based application development.

The story of Mukkonda hill

Here I explored the trekking spot near my hometown.