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AEM Quicklink Navigator - chromium based browser extension


AEM development is indeed tough job. Navigating to different consoles wastes a lot of time. Although making a bookmark for every console saves time, but bookmarking is not an option when there are multiple environments.

I've developed a chromium-based web browser plugin that makes it simple and much quicker to switch between various AEM consoles of each environment.

It is developed as per touch UI.

On first install, it will display default author and publish environments running on ports 4502 and 4503.

The core feature of the extension is it will allow to add multiple environments.

Quicklink Navigator
Quicklink Navigator


Consoles :

  • Welcome
  • Package Manager

Dam & Sites :

  • Assets
  • Sites
  • Templates

Felix Console:

  • Bundles
  • Config Manager
  • Log Manager
  • Recent Requests


  • Rebuild clientlibraries
  • Query builder debugger
  • Workflows
  • User Admin
  • Miscadmin
  • Tag Manager

For Microsoft Edge Browser:

Download and install extension from here

For Google Chrome Browser :

Currently, extension is not available on Google Chrome web store. But you can install the extension on Google chrome by following the below steps.

  • Download and extract quicklink-navigator.zip
  • Enter following url in Google Chrome chrome://extensions
  • developer-mode
  • Click on Load unpacked button and select the extracted quicklink-navigator folder.
  • AEM Quicklink Navigator is installed on Google Chrome and is ready for use.

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