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Setup Sendinblue as SMTP server for local AEM development environment


In this tutorial I am going to explain, how to set up Sendinblue as your SMTP server in AEM to let you send emails out of your local author/publisher instance.

Sendinblue account creation and SMTP access

Day CQ Mail Service Configuration:

  1. Go to the Felix Console Config Manager(http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr)
  2. Scroll down and click to edit the Day CQ Mail Service OSGi config.
  3. Enter the following details
SMTP Server Hostsmtp-relay.sendinblue.com
SMTP Server Port587
SMTP UserLogin Email in Sendinblue
SMTP PasswordMaster Password in Sendinblue
From Addressfrom address
SMTP Use SSLDon't Check
SMTP use StartTLSYes
  1. Hit Save

  2. Run a user through a workflow containing a group of which you are a member, or send out a newsletter to a group which you are a part of.

You should receive the email in your inbox.

It is worth noting that for production environments, you should set up a production grade SMTP service rather than use GMail.

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